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Fire Hydrant Pump (Pompa Hydrant)

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28 / 02 / 2024
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PT. TSK VALVE JAYA adalah distributor resmi yang ditunjuk oleh manufacture untuk memasarkan produk-produk fire-fighting system dengan merk FEJI.

Kualitas produk fire-fighting system yang dimiliki FEJI sangat teruji dan telah digunakan di berbagai lokasi strategis di seluruh Indonesia dan Dunia.

Detail Fire Hydrant Pump (Pompa Hydrant)

FEJI Fire Fighting System - Fire Hydrant Pump

A fire pump is any kind of pump that is part of a fire protection system’s water supply. It is important to know that a fire pump does not create water, it takes water that is given to it from a water supply and increases the pressure (energy) of the water. A fire pump can be powered by electric, diesel or steam and can supply fire sprinklers, standpipes, foam systems, water spray/mist systems or any combination of these systems. The fire pump’s intake is usually connected to the external water supply, although in some cases it may be connected to a local water source such as a well, tank, or body of water.

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